Shower/Wife’s Conditioner on beard
Prosaso Pre-Shave Cream
Van Der Hagen SS
Boar Brush
Astra Blade (2 day of use)
Gillette Gold Tech
Captain’s Choice Bay Rum AF
My barber’s specially formulated AF balm


I’m saving my face from a BBS shave today, because I’m new and should work on my technique and this is only my second day with the Astra blade. The Astra is a smooth shave, a step up in sharpness, but a very comfortable shave with the Gillette Gold Tech. I did try buffing again, this time with the grain and across the grain, and all went fine.

I have a difficult spot on my upper lip, an old acne scar that I’ve been largely successful not cutting but today I went too fast and cut it. With Styptic stick the blood stopped and now it doesn’t look like anything happened.

I went into work with a DFS and felt great, ready for the day. I love the cool feeling on my face after a good shave.


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