Hot Shower/Wife’s Conditioner on beard
Prosaso Pre-Shave Cream
Van Der Hagen SS
Boar Brush
Derby Blade
Gillette Gold Tech
Pinaud Clubman’s Special Reserve AF
“Living Blessings Rejuvenation” balm (I think the name is, I always forget)

3 full passes: WTG (re-hydrate wash and re-lather) XTG (re-hydrate wash and re-lather) XTG from another direction (re-hydrate wash and re-lather)

Touch-ups using Blade Buff Technique ATG. Wash face with warm water.

Dry. Clean up. Splash with cold water. Aftershave and balm. Smile.

A fine BBS shave.

This morning I went back to a Derby blade (after using an Astra blade yesterday). I had a BBS with a Derby a couple days ago and I wanted to see if it was a fluke. Also, I trust the Derby because it’s the blade I used the most, and I’m feeling confident with the performances I’ve been getting with this blade. I am at one with the Derby when I shave. The blade and the Tech are an extension of my arm. Sure enough, again, the Derby gave me a BBS with no irritation . What a comfortable shave!

P.S. It also helped that I watched a bunch of Mantic’s videos last night!

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