Hot Shower/Wife’s Conditioner on beard
Prosaso Pre-Shave Cream
Van Der Hagen SS
Boar Brush
Derby Blade
Gillette Gold Tech
Gillette AF
Living Blessing Rejuvenation Balm


I did a lot of careful touch-ups this fine Saturday morning after a traditional three pass shave. In particular practicing my lather and my blade buffing technique with no pressure. Nearly a BBS but nicked the corner of my lip a little, but it didn’t bleed by the time the shave was over. I have a trouble area on my upper lip, an old acne scar that almost got cut, but it was okay. Many times I only do one pass over it and its fine and still looks cleanly shaven.

I feel like a million bucks! Still can’t get over how close and smooth my chin and neck gets with DE shaving.


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