Hot shower with hair conditioner on beard
Prosaso pre-shave cream
Van Der Hagen SS
Boar brush
Gillette Gold Tech w/ Derby
Pinaud Clubman AF
Living blessed Rejuvenation balm

For a nice BBS!

Nice two pass shave and then touch ups with Gillette slide and blade buffing on neck. Burnt my neck a little from buffing, I think my blade was going dull near the end. As the day goes on I don’t feel a burn.

I should’ve went for a third pass before touch ups. Still, finally getting the extra bits of stubble on my cheeks through buffing, and it’s fun to buff with the lightest strokes. I imagine a dog scratching his ear (without pressure).

Paying more attention to my lather technique. Almost done with my first shaving soap puck, and have another Van Der Hagen ready to go.


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