Friday morning.

Prosaso Pre-Shave Cream
Van Der Hagen SS
Van Der Hagen Boar Brush
Gillette Silver Blue (1)
Gillette Gold Tech razor
Cold water splash
Pinaud Clubman’s AF

For a wonderful DFS!

This was my first day with the Gillette Silver Blue blade, and what a blade it is! The smoothest, sharpest shave I’ve yet experienced, no nicks, weepers, irritation or burn. First, I stropped the blade on my palm six times each side. I then lathered and basically shaved with a two-pass and touch-up. The blade was so sharp that’s all I needed. My cheeks’ stubble usually takes many passes and touch-ups, but this blade only needed north and south and they were done. For touch-up I used Blade Buffing technique in a diagonal ATG direction, and wow, this blade buffs like a dream. The diagonal ATG approach is really working well and it’s now one of my moves. I didn’t go directly ATG under my chin, only diagonal. Still, the Gillette Silver Blue cut through that stubble like butter. My neck was smooth after a north and south pass and light diagonal buffing. I could’ve went a third pass on my neck but I wanted to avoid any kind of irritation. I was very happy with a smooth DFS. My face is happy with less passes so I will keep on experimenting with less. I think I’m ready to try a feather soon. First, I want to try more Russian blades.


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