Thursday morning.

Axe Chilled face wash
Barbasol (Aloe)
Van Der Hagen Boar Brush
Gillette Goal Stainless (1)
Gillette Ball-End Tech razor
Witch Hazel
Pinaud Clubman AF

For a DFS! Wow it feels particularly refreshing this morning.

Today’s shave was wonderfully comfortable with the amazing Gillette Goal blade. I love all the Gillette blades I’ve tried, and the Goal blade (made in India) was no exception. It was sharp and smooth as silk. I only needed a two pass with touch-ups for a DFS, and could’ve gone for a BBS if I had more time.

My trusty Barbasol Aloe is back after a month hiatus from my rotation. I was getting tired of mixing the lather each morning, my right arm is weak (the right side of my body is weak) and after mixing lather my arm was not up to holding the angle at certain times during the shave. So, Barbasol was an interesting experiment after making my own lather for a month. It saved my arm tremendously. I did the same prep, and hydrated before each pass and touch-up. Used my boar brush to work it into my whiskers. I have to say it worked better than my own lather (I’m a newbie) so the consistency was a welcome element to each pass of my shave.

I like having both options so I’m very happy the Barbasol experiment was a success.


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