Axe Chilled face wash
Shave Secret
Van Der Hagen SS
Van Der Hagen Boar Brush
Astra SP (3)
Edwin Jagger DE89
Witch Hazel
Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve
Styptic stick for one weeper

For a nice DFS!

This is the third day with the amazing Astra SP blade, and I keep forgetting to mention Secret Shave oil bought at Walmart, which I like to use before adding lather. It’s a great product and smells good, and helps make a shave even smoother with the awesome Astra.

I didn’t have as much stubble as I usually do because yesterday’s shave was such a close BBS, but I did a three pass traditional shave with numerous touch-ups. I think the blade is starting to dull so it didn’t feel as smooth after the second pass. I am starting to notice, with any blade I try, my face is good for two days of three passes plus touch-ups on most blades. I think from now on I’ll use a blade for two days. I purposely pushed my Astra today to test how far I could go with it.

My touch-up was a little sloppy and I had two minor weepers going ATG while buffing, but still no irritation or burn as the day goes on.

I keep practicing my lather technique. I love the Van Der Hagen soap, it lathers up nicely with my trusty Van Der Hagen black handle boar brush. I LOVE this brush. It’s been my brush since day 1 of wet shaving.

The end result was a happy DFS. I am so happy with the Astra I have promoted it to “bulk blade” status. I ordered 300 yesterday. The price is SO right.


May a DFS be with you.

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