Wednesday morning.

Axe Chilled face wash
Prosaso Pre-Shave
Van Der Hagen SS
Van Der Hagen Boar Brush
Feather (1)
Edwin Jagger DE89L
Witch Hazel
Family Dollar Spice
Styptic stick (for one nick)

For a nice DFS+ !

While waiting for my bulk order of Astras I decided to try a Feather blade. A blade I had been avoiding but today I felt confident. I applied my trusty Prosaso Pre-Shave and the menthol felt good during preparation of the lather. The lather bloomed nicely as I spent more time working it up, looking for those Antarctica peaks of rich goodness.

I quickly realized there was nothing to fear about the Feather. It didn’t seem much different than the Gillette Silver Blue, but not as smooth, despite stropping the blade on my palm. The only casualty was my old acne scar, which I nicked during the second pass. But I’ve had that problem with other blades. It’s an easy fix with the Styptic after the shave.

The feather was indeed sharp and mowed down everything in its path. It was excellent to buff with on my chin and neck. I tried to avoid directly ATG, and I’m thinking I should avoid ATG all together on the neck. Going diagonal seems to work better and I’m doing that more and more. But I was extra careful and light and had no problems. With the traditional three pass with touch-ups all went normal, nothing extraordinary like I had with the Silver Blue or Astra SP but very good all the same. The second day with it will probably be even better. As always your mileage my vary.

The end result is no irritation or burn, my face feels refreshed and comfortable.



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