Thursday morning.

Axe Chilled face wash
Shave Secret
Van Der Hagen Soap/Barbasol Arctic Chiller
Van Der Hagen Boar Brush
Astra Super Stainless blade (1)
Edwin Jagger DE89L
Witch Hazel
Pinaud Clubman Special Reserve

For an amazing BBS!

I love my Edwin Jagger DE89L razor. It lets me go south to north past my chin. I can buff lightly and the stubble goes away effortlessly, with no burn when the angle is true. I didn’t want to return to the Feather so I took my sampler pack of blades and found the Astra Super Stainless (blue). Wow, the blade acts like the Astra Super Platinum (green). It is so sharp and smooth and provides comfort till the end of the shave.

Today I again have to give credit to Shave Secret oil. This stuff continually amazes me. When I don’t use it, I notice a difference, especially during ATG buffing. I like it better than my other favorite Prosaso Pre-Shave cream in terms of performance. I lathered with my boar brush and Van Der Hagen puck, and supplemented this with Barbasol Arctic Chiller. This alchemy made a luscious lather that lasted. I realized my problem yesterday was my lather, not the blade. I have to remember not to underestimate the lather, it is most essential and I was not appreciating the importance of a good lather. When the lather is good, I can even go across my old acne scar without problems!

I did the traditional three pass. My routine is now going N to S, S to N, and against the grain E to W from my left ear to my right on the third pass, somewhat diagonally when needed. Then I touch-up the usual areas of left over stubble on the neck, chin and cheeks. I buff diagonal ATG, across the grain S to N, I pretend I’m just shaving the cream off the top. ATG buffing is getting better as I practice and hone my technique.

Today’s shave reminds me why I started wet shaving, when it comes down to it, a BBS is what I want. That’s why I’m doing this. Some days I’ll be happy with a DFS, but most days I’ll be chasing the BBS.



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