Monday morning.

Axe Chilled face wash
Arko/Barbasol Arctic Chiller
Van Der Hagen Boar Brush
Astra Superior Platinum blade (1)
Edwin Jagger DE89L
Witch Hazel
Family Dollar Spice
Nivea After-shave Balm

For an pleasant DFS!

It seems lately I’ve really found my groove. My overall approach to each pass is getting refined and technique improving, especially Blade Buffing Technique. The Edwin Jagger is such an amazing razor, I can’t praise it enough. For my face, it’s the Astra SP blade that works best, so that’s what I put in today. I’ll experiment with more blades soon, but in the meantime I’m going to ride this wave for awhile.

Again, I failed with the Arko stick. I brushed and brushed, but couldn’t get the lather rich and full. I don’t think face lathering is for me. My weak right arm gets so tired it’s weak while holding the razor. Got a weeper from weakness during the first pass, but it disappeared by the second pass. I focused and got stronger and all went fine.

I got my favorite Barbasol and combined this with the remaining Arko and applied liberally. A great shave ensued. Again, didn’t expect to get but was happy I did. It’s getting easier with the Edwin Jagger and Astra combo!



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    1. Hello Mr.Mantic! Thanks again for stopping by. I’ve always had a problem with my smile, so I try to project the feeling of a smile through a quiet positive attitude in my poses 🙂

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