Happy Friday.

Axe Chilled face wash/shampoo conditioner
Shave Secret
Barbasol Arctic Chiller
Van Der Hagen Boar Brush
Astra Superior Platinum (1)
Edwin Jagger DE89L razor
Witch Hazel
Captain’s Choice Bay Rum

For another rewarding BBS!

Wow, what a shave! Ka-Pow! Love my current set-up. Provides a super smooth shave, among the closest I remember since I started wet shaving in February 2013. The Captain’s Choice Rum seems to age well, the scent has grown complex with darker tones of rustic sweetness. It’s an amazing aftershave.

I had the wrong angle going south to north on the spot above my chin, got a minor nick. The upper chin area is a difficult spot to hold the razor upside down. Practice makes perfect! But the lather saved my skin during the whole three pass shave, even with buffing ATG. It seems I can only do ATG buffing with the Barbasol. I love my Barbasol. All my trouble spots are free of stubble. Feels amazing.



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