Wednesday morning. A beautiful cool morning with clouds in the sky.

Axe Chilled facial wash/V05 conditioner
Shave Secret
Barbasol Soothing Aloe
Astra Superior Platinum (1)
Edwin Jagger DE89L razor
Witch Hazel
Captain’s Choice Bay Rum aftershave

For a content BBS!

I’ve been meaning to trying shimming the blade, but I need to get a new pair of scissors first! In the meantime, another perfectly good shave, smooth, and my face feels refreshed and comfortable.

With Barbasol I’m finding I’m using my brush less and less, don’t think I need to use my brush anymore with Barbasol. When I get my new C.O. Bigelow cream I’ll be using the brush again. I just found a nice ceramic bowl at a thrift store that should do nicely for mixing lather.

My Schick blades (from Amazon) should be here on Thursday, perhaps even today, and then I try my Schick E2 razor for the first time! I’m really looking forward to that. Just realized I have to clean that razor first.


The following text was found on a forum called Badger and Blade. Written in 2010, by “theturducken” it is a great tribute to Barbasol. To me, it reads like a poem.

“After two years of wetshaving experimenting, countless hours on badger and blade, lonely nights of lather practicing, four different brushes, five creams and seven different soaps, I have come to learn one thing…..

Barbasol works the best out of all of them FOR ME.

The key words in that statement are FOR ME.

I wash my face in the shower with Nivea facewash, then put on barbasol and leave it on for the rest of my shower. I get out of the shower and shave with my HD and a crystal blade, wtg, atg, atg, oil touch up.

My face is smooth and comfortable, the clubman doesn’t sting a bit! I like the smell (clean and manly) and it appreciate the fact it is what my father uses and my Grandfather used (maybe its genetics and the Barbasol works good on our family?) Simple is good for me.

I have tried tabac, vdh delux and select, williams, five different mama bears soaps, pre de provance.

Creams I’ve tried – AOS Sandalwood, Musgo, Proraso, TOBS Almond, Rose, Avacado, Nancy Boy, TOMS Candula, Trader Joe’s Mango, Nivea Sensitive, Nivea xtremem comfort, Foamy Red, BLue, Green and Barbershop.

I’ve used a black handle superspeed, Feather portable, and HD.

I’ve used every kind of blade imaginable.

What always gets me a good bbs is Barbasol Red, and an HD with a Crystal.

It works so well for me that the brush and soap/cream route just maybe be left behind.

I know I am in the minority, but thats ok….it has been a great journey.”


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