Friday morning!

Axe Chilled facial wash/V05 Conditioner
Shave Secret
Barbasol Original
Schick E2 Injector with Schick blade (1)
Witch Hazel
Captain’s Choice Bay Rum

A dang near BBS!

Another smooth and pleasant shaving experience, brought to me by this little Schick Injector and a can of Barbasol. I’ve found myself quite attached to the original Barbasol (which I hadn’t used in years), that scent brings back childhood in a big way. That was what my dad used and still uses today. I remember him and his Trac II, hitting that razor on the sink to shake it out. That’s what I woke up to during all the years of my childhood! The sound of him hitting his Trac II on the edge of the sink. I’m now on the hunt for a ‘70s Trac II (for nostalgia but also to use for old times’ sake time to time). But wow, this Injector is amazing and I keep coming back to it. I want to collect Injectors whenever I get a chance.

It was a three pass today. I had more time and it’s Friday so I put a new blade in and went to town. One of the things that keeps me coming back to this injector is the ease of going against the grain, with no irritation as long as the blade is good. I’ve been getting a consistent stubble-free neck all seven days on one blade. It’s getting easier to find that sweet spot in the angle. I find myself trying various angles on different parts of my face, as sometimes I need more aggression, if I make a mistake it’s rare I get blood. If I do, it’s a small weeper that disappears by the end of the shave.

Thank you Col. Schick! I salute you.



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