Schick I2 Injector ‘Hydro-Magic’ with Schick blade (1)
Omega 20102 Pro Boar (thanks Gairdner)
Ingram (thanks Gairdner)
Gillette Cool Wave

Cold water three pass+ for a DFS+!

First use of the Hydro-Magic, Omega brush and Ingram (thank you Gairdner for the latter two!) and had a most comfortable shave! Wow, the Hydro is a smooooooth operator! Much milder than the E2 type I’m used to, it will take getting used to but I sure love the experience after my first shave with it!

The Omega 20102, wow, simply wow. It’s like painting with cloud-tipped hair. It’s so soft (already broken in) and mixed the
lather so effortlessly. I still have technique to practice but the lather I got worked fine, no irritation afterward.

The Ingram smells amazing, and it’s such a lubricating lather, the menthol feels soothing combined with my ice cold water!

I feel so good.




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