Tuesday morning, June 4, 2013

Schick I2 Hydro-magic with Schick blade (5)
Omega 20102 Pro Boar bristle brush,
C O Bigelow shave cream,
Finish with water and Captain’s Choice Lime,

A two pass plus for a DFS with the Schick I2 Hydro-magic!

Need to change blades tomorrow, as day 5 of this blade is getting rough!

Captain’s Choice Lime (I won a sample on the Shave Nook) is very refreshing makes my face feel like a million bucks.

Lather Consistency

It seems my lather mixes have been consistent and hitting the sweet spot each morning, at least near it with my C.O. Bigelow cream and Omega. I always think “slick” so I avoid my past issues with dry lather. The mantra “slick-slick-slick” helps me mix a cushiony but slick lather that makes my face feel refreshed all day. I notice there’s a wet sheen on the peaks. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

This morning I experimented with a wetter lather. I got three tiny weepers during the shave. I’m not sure if that’s my Schick blade (day 5) or the result of a wetter lather?

In any case, my face feels REALLY good today. Go figure.

This sure is an interesting science! And folks are correct when they say it’ll get better!

I never thought I’d say this, but the lathering process is becoming my favorite part of the shave! The lathering routine itself is as satisfying as a close shave. I’m more than satisfied with a CCS or DFS because I love to mix and paint on the lather. It seems I’m loving the process more than the result!




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