Shave of the Day, July 13, 2013

Saturday morning, July 13, 2013

Schick E2 Injector w/ China Schick blade (4)
Omega 20102 Pro boar w/ Mitchell’s Wool Fat soap,
Warm water and bowl lather for a DFS—
Finish w/ Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum!

Mitchell’s Wool Fat soap is an amazing product. My face stays moisturized all day, and retains a pleasant soft feeling on the skin. The freshly faint scent lasts all day, I love it! The scent reminds me of walking into a health food store, which brings nice memories of my early years in Tucson (when I could afford such luxuries). I thought it would be a challenge to lather but it’s been easy as long as I take my time, stir briskly, and keep adding water until I get the rich luxurious lather (I prefer to bowl lather). The lather gets so rich I have enough for five passes! I’m still learning how much I need to load the brush, but since I’m a newbie the more the better in order to learn.

Mmmm, Arko and MMF! I LOVE TALLOW SOAPS. I’m becoming a soap man. Soon I’ll be trying TABAC.




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