Hot Shower/Wife’s Conditioner on beard
Prosaso Pre-Shave Cream
Van Der Hagen SS
Boar Brush
Derby Blade
Gillette Gold Tech
Pinaud Clubman’s Special Reserve AF
“Living Blessings Rejuvenation” balm (I think the name is, I always forget)

3 full passes: WTG (re-hydrate wash and re-lather) XTG (re-hydrate wash and re-lather) XTG from another direction (re-hydrate wash and re-lather)

Touch-ups using Blade Buff Technique ATG. Wash face with warm water.

Dry. Clean up. Splash with cold water. Aftershave and balm. Smile.

A fine BBS shave.

This morning I went back to a Derby blade (after using an Astra blade yesterday). I had a BBS with a Derby a couple days ago and I wanted to see if it was a fluke. Also, I trust the Derby because it’s the blade I used the most, and I’m feeling confident with the performances I’ve been getting with this blade. I am at one with the Derby when I shave. The blade and the Tech are an extension of my arm. Sure enough, again, the Derby gave me a BBS with no irritation . What a comfortable shave!

P.S. It also helped that I watched a bunch of Mantic’s videos last night!



Shower/Wife’s Conditioner on beard
Prosaso Pre-Shave Cream
Van Der Hagen SS
Boar Brush
Astra Blade (2 day of use)
Gillette Gold Tech
Captain’s Choice Bay Rum AF
My barber’s specially formulated AF balm


I’m saving my face from a BBS shave today, because I’m new and should work on my technique and this is only my second day with the Astra blade. The Astra is a smooth shave, a step up in sharpness, but a very comfortable shave with the Gillette Gold Tech. I did try buffing again, this time with the grain and across the grain, and all went fine.

I have a difficult spot on my upper lip, an old acne scar that I’ve been largely successful not cutting but today I went too fast and cut it. With Styptic stick the blood stopped and now it doesn’t look like anything happened.

I went into work with a DFS and felt great, ready for the day. I love the cool feeling on my face after a good shave.


Got my sampler pack yesterday and this morning tried my first Astra blade in my Gillette Gold Tech. The only other blade I have used is the Derby.

I went for a BBS with the Astra and nearly, just barely got there. It sure is smoother than the Derby, only two passes almost did the job, although I attempted more buffing touch up and got a slight burn on my neck. If I hadn’t done the buffing I would’ve had a better shave with Astra so it’s not out of the running yet. I quite like how it feels and cuts.


Today I achieved my first BBS! I’ve never felt the place between my Adam’s apple and chin so smooth and without stubble in every direction. My face feels so cool like an early spring morning with a slight breeze blowing on it. Wow. This morning I used my pre-shave prosaso cream, and hydrated my face with much more water than I usually use between each pass. It was a three pass shave with touch ups on my neck and cheeks. The extra hydration helped prevent razor burn as I used the buffing technique, which I think I finally did right. Using my Gold Gillette Tech and Derby blade (2nd day use) I endeavored to use no pressure, and took my time. The refreshing splash of Captain’s Choice Bay Rum was my reward for such a good shave! It seems like the Derby’s second day of use is always the best. I can’t wait to try sharper blades in the near future. I was so tempted to jump to my new Edwin Jagger DE89 but I thought I should stick with my present set-up and work on my technique. This seems to be paying off well!



A damn fine shave today. Experimented with XTG during the touch-up phase and tried buffing as well. Buffing caused some burn in two areas. I’m trying to resist chasing the BBS, because a damn fine shave or a close comfortable shave causes less irritation. But as a newbie you got to experiment right! Right now my face feels refreshed and cool all over with no burn raw feeling. The Derby blade works just fine, and will work better when my technique improves.