Again with my Gold Tech, love this razor. Finally bought a blade sampler pack as I’m not sure about the Derby, seems like it irritates more than gives me comfort. No cuts in today’s shave, started a new Derby, old wounds are a little irritated and can’t wait till they heal. I’ll keep trying to do less passes until they fully heal. Today a splash of Pinaud’s Special Reserve, again I feel like a million bucks!



My third shave with the Tech this morning (with Derby Blade). This will be my go-to razor from now on. Almost regret ordering a edwin Jagger 89 last week! The Derbies seem to be working fine on my face. Although I got a little cocky and went XTG and my neck happened to be a little too dry, got a tiny weeper there. I gotta remember to respect the blade despite being so comfortable with this amazing Tech. I have old weepers and cuts still healing so I should be gentle and lay off the XTG moves, but I get tempted to see how far I can go. A splash of Captain’s Choice Bay Rum completed the picture, feel like a million bucks!


Second shave today with my Gold Tech. Had the most relaxing shave I remember. Gave myself extra time and got a Damn Fine Shave, nearly BBS. I am very happy for getting a shave like this, gives me confidence ready to meet the world.
Also was the first time I used my Prosaso pre-shave cream, wow, felt so good! A splash of Panaud’s Special Reserve was the perfect finale, I LOVE the scent, although my wife says I smell like I was at the Lion’s Club.


Yesterday my wife and I were shopping at various antique stores, and I bought this nice Gillette Gold Tech (it looks like it anyway!) with no date code.

I’m looking for a forgiving antique razor and after cleaning, I hope it’s mild and will help my technique. I hope Derby blades work with it.

I’m loving my Tech I just bought at an antique store on the weekend for cheap. Had my first shave with it this morning, with derby blade, and what a comfortable mild shave! The first non-blood shave I’ve had for awhile now, so happy not to shed blood for once! I didn’t go full BBS as I’m still working on technique but I got a wonderful clean shave.